Over ⅓ of our reports identify a high risk of development in close proximity to a property for sale.

Since 2012, the National Planning Policy Framework has weighted the planning process more in favour of the applicant to address the ongoing shortfall in housing supply.

This huge shift has created an automatic presumption in favour of development when an application is submitted. Councils are now instructed to proactively engage with applicants to encourage more development.

Standard conveyancing searches do not analyse the location of a property for current development plans or potential for development in the future, but our reports do, and this is why they have such a high hit rate. Development is being green-lit all around us.

Solicitors, buyers and lenders are only accessing a fraction of the information available to them. This puts all parties at risk.

National Planning Policy Framework
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Location is the most important factor when determining property value.

Development, change of use, or compromised views can have a significant impact on the current and future value of a property. Delivering this insight requires thorough analysis.

When this insight isn’t provided prior to purchase, and any proposed or planned development is discovered once the purchase is completed, the impact on all parties can be devastating:

  • In addition to the emotional upheaval of owning a property where nearby development is likely to impact a buyer’s enjoyment and satisfaction, the buyer and lender have invested in a property which may have significantly reduced in value.
  • The solicitor could face negligence claims from both parties for not disclosing this pertinent information during the conveyancing process.


If a location is investigated and audited by DevAssist during the conveyancing process and discloses risks of development that could impact a property’s appeal and value, the benefits are three-fold.

  • Buyers can make an informed decision on whether to proceed;
  • All liability for interpretation of the planning data lies with us, protecting the solicitor’s professional indemnity;
  • Lenders have the opportunity to reassess the value of a property.


The only way to ensure that a location has been thoroughly analysed for all potential threats to its value is to commission a DevAssist report.

We are the only company in the country that investigates locations for imminent and potential development change and share this information in accessible, user-friendly reports.

This is why we work with solicitors right across England and Wales who make our reports mandatory for their clients and why an ever-growing number of banks are also insisting on DevAssist reports within their instructions to solicitors.

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