In the first half of 2023, 36% of our reports exposed one or more high-risk sites within 75 metres of a subject property.


Location is the most important factor when determining property value.

Standard conveyancing searches and reports do not fully analyse the location of a property for current development plans or potential for future development. These types of reports are often computer-generated, whereas ours are in-depth investigations carried out by real experts.

Development, change of use, or compromised views can have a significant impact on the current and future value of a property.

Delivering this development insight requires a thorough analysis of a property’s location.

When this insight isn’t provided prior to purchase, and any proposed or planned development is discovered once the purchase is completed, it puts your investment at risk.

Protect your investment

Insist your customer requests a DevAssist report from their solicitor.

Using DevAssist is the only way to get a complete picture of the development risk in a location or neighbourhood and the only way to ensure your client has all the facts before completing their purchase.

Our reports go much further than standard searches. We are the only company in the country that investigates locations for imminent and potential development change.

We investigate and audit a location to give buyers a true understanding of the current and future risks of development that could impact the desirability and value of the property they are buying.

Local Development Risk

With our expertise in analysing planning data and Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments, we are critical to the conveyancing process.

Development Risk Near Me

“A very high end search which provides some quality information in a readily digestible format.”

Keith Brooks

Layzells Solicitors


Property development, whether it’s on a large scale, such as a housing development or on a domestic scale, such as a neighbour’s extension, is happening all around us and in more and more unexpected places.

Planned and current development changes commonly exposed with DevAssist Reports

  • Greenbelt, farmland and community parkland development
  • Hostile, largescale planning applications in councils not meeting the housing supply policy.
  • Change of use developments
  • Road and access development affecting traffic volume, noise and long periods of roadworks
  • Neighbours’ extensions and building works which will impact a property’s light and views



Book a training session for you and your team with our Principal, Paul Addison. Paul has over 35 years of frontline land and planning experience and offers a free 1-hour session which covers::

  • The risks conveyancing solicitors face;
  • How to reduce these risks;
  • How our reports work for you and your clients.

These sessions can be held in person or online.


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